PLR Evolution Create your own custom software on demand!
What's PLR Evolution?
PLR Evolution is a software that allows you to Re-brand a PLR Product in just minutes!
Any Type of Product?
PLR Evolution works with .Exe, .ZIP, .PDF, and .Txt files!
It's Simple!
Take your Existing Product and create a Wrap! Create a splash page advertisement screen!(Interaction Required!)
Add in your own personal Optin/Lead capture form from within the software using Aweber and GetResponse!
Splash Screen Advertisement!
Built in Registration form for lead capture!
Your Product!
Splash Page Advertisement Screen. Is It Important?
The splash page can force the user to see your advertisement An interaction is required so they MUST click your advertisement before even proceeding to your software! Think of It as a potential double purchase! Imagine creating your software splash screen page as a tool to your product they have just purchased! An Incentive for them to grab up more products from you!
Fully customize the height and width of your advertisement! Using HTML, easily upload your picture and link using FTP or any hosting Cpanel...!
A closer look..
Splash Screen settings include!... -Height -Width -Amount of seconds -Position of the splash screen -Force splash screen to be on top of all other screens -Show screen in taskbar -Set sized as fixed -Show screen controls -Prevent user from moving the splsh screen -Force user to click link beofre the splash closes -Show scroll bars
Pure Simple Pure power
Built-In Registration form. List building is essential, no matter how big of a marketer you are. The most valuable asset a marketer has is his or her list! With this in mind, We have created added security for your software!
There are two types of opt-In's
External Internal
With an external opt-In form - This is usually placed after you purchase a product. The page will prompt you to enter your details and then you will be on your way. The problem with this is that it has been proven more people type in fake/phony names just to access your product. Unfortunately with external opt-In forms people will buy your software and then share it with all their friends. You're at a complete loss... With an Internal opt-In form you have a little extra security to play with. More people believe in actually entering in the correct information when it is integrated within the software itself. Best of all is that when one of your customers decide to share it out it's not a complete loss! NO MATTER WHAT, the user will have to enter their details!
Operating PLR Evolution. Simple Interface.
Enter your Information In The Fields.
Choose your Software to be Wrapped! Types of files include: .Exe, .Zip, .PDF, .Txt. Use HTML To Insert Your Advertisement.
Quick user start up Tutorial!
There You Have It You Have Made Your Software!
You Have a built in opt-In form built into the software itself! You now have a splash screen advertisement!
Change The Way You PLR! Quickly Re-Brand Your PLR In Just Seconds!
*Required - Be sure to read our full legal, and support pages before you order. The guarantee and other pertinent information is there and your purchase is also your agreement to all terms and conditions found in those pages. No exceptions, no exclusions. Do not buy until you read/understand/agree
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